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  1. Trained: Male Bondage, Punishment, and Humiliation (Female Domination Book 3) (English Edition)

    An American spy in Russia. A dominatrix ballet director. And a troupe of sexy, sadistic ballerinas.What happens when an alpha male spy is sent to infiltrate a fetish dungeon run by a dominatrix in the heart of Russia? He gets trained! Submitting to the cruel whims of Olga Smirnov is secret agent Jacob Barton's only opportunity to learn the truth about a mobster's daughter, mafia influence, and a possible traitor. Will he be able to withstand the humiliation and punishment Olga has in store for him? Or will he find that he actually enjoys being the plaything of a willful femdom?Barton is spanked, strapped to a bed in the dungeon and punished with hot wax... and that's just his first night. As he digs deeper into the mysteries surrounding Olga Smirnov and her ballet, the punishments get more severe. And his secret delight more intense. As the action races to a shocking climax, Barton uncovers a powerful secret: about the ballet and about himself.The third novella from Dallas Long , Trained is never short on surprises and twists around every corner.

    • ASIN: B07TP5DGYH
  2. The Target (Agent Dallas Thrillers Book 2) (English Edition)

    Agent Jamie Dallas loves undercover assignments that get her out of the Phoenix Bureau. But her new case is daunting—an FBI agent is mysteriously dead, and a medical device company is targeting competitors with dangerous acts of sabotage. Dallas infiltrates TecLife, spies on her new bosses, and tries to steal a sample of their mutant bacteria. But soon her life is in danger when she’s caught in a battle between companies, each hoping to kill the competition while launching a billion-dollar blockbuster.Meanwhile, a famous actor is found beaten and murdered in an abandoned cannery, and a young detective lands the case of a lifetime. Determined to bring justice to his favorite star, Detective Cortez follows a trail of evidence that leads to the medical-product war—but he has no idea how deadly it is.Can Dallas survive long enough to stop a researcher who’s gone over the edge and save millions of consumers from getting caught in the crossfire?“With her latest Agent Dallas outing, Ms. Sellers has once again hit it out of the park.”—Bookbitch.com"The Target is a fast-paced thriller with a complex but intriguing plot that lays bare the terrifying world of corporate power and crime."—Mystery People magazineReaders compare the Agent Dallas Series to books by James Patterso...

    • ASIN: B00JLSQH2M
  3. The Trigger (Agent Dallas Thrillers Book 1) (English Edition)

    Agent Jamie Dallas loves undercover assignments that get her out of the Phoenix Bureau. But when a woman and her baby disappear from an isolated community of preppers in Northern California, she knows the risk of infiltrating the armed group is dangerously high.Once inside the compound, she discovers that the brothers who founded Destiny are scheming something far more devious than kidnapping or murder. Meanwhile, her local FBI contact is pulled from her team and assigned to investigate the murder of a woman found at the bottom of a motel pool.Soon Dallas finds herself in deeper trouble than she's ever encountered—with no way to reach her contacts. Can she break free of the bunker and stop their bizarre end-of-world plans? Will Agent McCullen identify the killer in time to help?The Trigger is a gripping story that highlights our greatest fear—how a megalomaniac and a hacker-for-hire can threaten civilization as we know it."The Trigger is a ripped from the headlines style story with lots of twists and turns and an edge-of-your-seat ending."—BuriedUnderBooks.com“THE TRIGGER, LJ Sellers’ atmospheric, fast-paced and intelligent thriller, kept me reading long into the night. FBI agent Jamie Dallas, a beautiful woman who plays by her own rules in a man’s world, is one for t...

    • ASIN: B00H59A8BA
  4. Senior Class Spy...A Dallas Bell Adventure (English Edition)

    Gifted, vivacious Dallas Bell was recruited into the CIA during her freshman year in college and specially trained for a single purpose—counter terrorism. After two intense years at the CIA’s top secret training academy—The Farm—Dallas patriotically embraces her first mission to seek and destroy an Al-Qaeda terrorist leader. But instead of being sent half a world away as she expected, a shocking turn of events hurls Dallas to Saguaro High School in Phoenix, Arizona where she must not only find and thwart her target, she must also face her own failed high school past. Having studied through her high school years, Dallas now finds herself ill-equipped for the social interactions of high school from best friends to boyfriends. Living under a cover identity as seventeen-year old Melissa Edwards, Dallas faces significant challenges as she identifies her target and develops a convincing friendship with him, despite the fact he stands for everything she—as a true-blooded patriot—despises. Dallas adapts quickly from the academy setting to the real-world where the successes and failures are real, including the casualties. She learns to trust her instincts and utilize her skills to overcome obstacles and save lives. In the end, she must resolve her internal struggles between ri...

    • ASIN: B005H3EGFK
  5. The Royal Spy's Redemption (Mills & Boon Romantic Suspense) (Dangerous in Dallas, Book 4) (English Edition)

    All is Dangerous in Dallas—with crime, mystery and passion!Possessing priceless rubies gifted to the British royal family, MI5 agent Knox St. Germain stumbles into Gabby Sanchez's store, bleeding from a gunshot wound. The stunning caterer has seen the danger to friends who discovered the jewels, but now she faces an even greater threat—the lethally sexy agent with a hidden motive!Both hiding troubled pasts and feeling wary of relationships, fiery Gabby and roguish Knox develop a powerful attraction as they go on the run. Their adversary: someone who'll murder—and worse—to get the rubies. And when the killer does, Knox must choose between saving the gems and his gem of a woman!

    • ASIN: B0175WTCFO
  6. The Trap (Agent Dallas Thrillers Book 3) (English Edition)

    "Sellers scores again with another fast-paced, thought-provoking thriller!"—Jodie RennerReaders compare the Agent Dallas Series to books by James Patterson and David Baldacci.While skydiving with an adventure group, FBI Agent Jamie Dallas overhears plans to carry out criminal acts against a politician. Believing the group may have already committed murder, the bureau sends Dallas to infiltrate the activists. But to worm her way inside the tight-knit clan, Dallas makes dangerous compromises and starts to sympathize with their cause. She ends up so deep undercover she can’t make contact with the bureau.Across town, a Washington DC detective investigates a death that looks like a simple “hooker homicide.” But as Detective Larson peels away the layers, she uncovers something far more sinister, something deeply connected to a high-profile judge’s death. Meanwhile, working against her own conscience, Agent Dallas struggles to gather evidence and push the activist group toward the major takedown the FBI has orchestrated. But inside the group’s safe house, another imposter lurks, and when the real motive surfaces, Dallas is caught in a cunning trap that will make her both a victim and a killer.Can the law enforcement players come together in time to help Dallas, or is she o...

    • ASIN: B00RAPO8QU
  7. Death Watch Beetle, A Historical Post WWII Spy Thriller (English Edition)

    WHAT’S IT ABOUT? England and the rest of Europe are trying to recover from WWII and also cope with a belligerent Soviet Union intent on dominating the Cold War. An executive of a British engineering company, Donald Harvey, is co-opted in the early 1950’s by a joint project of the CIA and British Secret Service MI6, to assist in tracing the whereabouts of a missing WWII high level Nazi. This war criminal had been responsible for the design of death camps, and the sealing of the Warsaw Ghetto. As one of Germany’s most senior SS officers, Hitler had personally placed this man in charge of all secret weapons programs including the V1, V2, and jet aircraft production, as well as the development of ultra-secret super weapons, some of which appear to border on science fiction.In tracing this wartime criminal through three continents, Harvey is constantly torn between his sworn endeavor and his conscience. He knew the Nazi had never been tried at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials in absentia, and he wondered why? Was it because he had escaped with technology for which the West and the Soviets would be willing to ignore his war crimes, in return for his allegiance? This is the conundrum facing Harvey as he follows the dangerous trail of his quarry through one international sequence af...

    • ASIN: B00KGODR0U
  8. Agent Dallas Thrillers: Boxed Set (English Edition)

    FBI Agent Jamie Dallas specializes in undercover assignments that take her to new locations, where she infiltrates criminal groups. In THE TRIGGER, she searches for a missing woman by joining an isolated group of survivalists and uncovers a social-meltdown plot. In THE TARGET, she investigates a biotech company that’s engaged in corporate sabotage—and murder! In THE TRAP, she infiltrates a group of prison-reform activists, getting in so deep, she’s on her own when her cover is blown and her life is on the line.

    • ASIN: B00SW6XC0E

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