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  1. Wheel of Time 14. Memory of Light (The Wheel of Time, Band 14)

    Broschiertes BuchSince 1990, when Robert Jordans The Wheel of Time burst on the world with its first book, The Eye of the World, readers have been anticipating the final scenes of this extraordinary saga, which has sold over forty million copies in over thirty languages. This is the final book in the Wheel of Time--the 14th book in the series.

    • Brand: Macmillan Us; Tor Books
    • ASIN: 0765364883
    • Part No: 21501108
  2. Basketball-Legenden

    Gebundenes BuchOb "Magic" Johnson, Michael "Air" Jordan oder in der Gegenwart LeBron James und in Deutschland besonders Dirk Nowitzki - sie alle gehören zu den Spielerpersönlichkeiten, die die Sportart Basketball geprägt und populär gemacht haben. Dieser opulente Bildband präsentiert 26 Basketball-Legenden von den Anfangszeiten der National Basketball Association in den 1940er-Jahren bis zu den heute aktiven Stars. So entsteht aus den Einzelporträts ein spannendes Bild von Geschichte und Entwicklung der NBA. Neben den sportlichen Erfolgen der Spieler liegt der Fokus auch auf Persönlichkeit und Leben der Stars.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Pietsch Verlag
    • ASIN: 3613507544
    • Part No: 40132250
  3. Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now

    'A blisteringly good, urgent, essential read' ZADIE SMITHJaron Lanier, the world-famous Silicon Valley scientist-pioneer and 'high-tech genius' (Sunday Times) who first alerted us to the dangers of social media, explains why its toxic effects are at the heart of its design, and explains in ten simple arguments why liberating yourself from its hold will transform your life and the world for the better.Social media is making us sadder, angrier, less empathetic, more fearful, more isolated and more tribal. In recent months it has become horribly clear that social media is not bringing us together - it is tearing us apart. In Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now Jaron Lanier draws on his insider's expertise to explain precisely how social media works - by deploying constant surveillance and subconscious manipulation of its users - and why its cruel and dangerous effects are at the heart of its current business model and design. As well as offering ten simple arguments for liberating yourself from its addictive hold, his witty and urgent manifesto outlines a vision for an alternative that provides all the benefits of social media without the harm.So, if you want a happier life, a more just and peaceful world, or merely the chance to think for yourself withou...

    • Brand: Random House UK Ltd
    • ASIN: 1847925391
    • Part No: 31575879
  4. New Spring (Wheel of Time)

    In this bestselling prequel to the Wheel of Time series, it is prophesied that an infant will change the world--an infant that has been born with enemies.

    • Brand: TOR BOOKS
    • ASIN: 0765345455
    • Part No: 9780765345455
  5. Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable

    Relentless Legendary trainer Grover uses his experience with the world's top athletes to drill down into the killer instinct that separates the good from the great, showing readers how to tap into the dark side of competitive intensity in order to win--regardless of the circumstance or cost.

    • ASIN: 1476710937
    • Part No: 20766255
  6. Deadhouse Gates: Malazan Book of the Fallen 2: a tale of the Malazan book of the fallen

    Malazan Book of the Fallen 2Broschiertes BuchWeakened by events in Darujhistan, the Malazan Empire teeters on the brink of anarchy. In the vast dominion of Seven Cities, in the Holy Desert Raraku, the seer Sha'ik gathers an army around her in preparation for the long-prophesied uprising named the Whirlwind. Unprecedented in its size and savagery, it will embroil in one of the bloodiest conflicts it has ever known: a maelstrom of fanaticism and bloodlust that will shape destinies and give birth to legends... In the Otataral mines, Felisin, youngest daughter of the disgraced House of Paran, dreams of revenge against the sister who sentenced her to a life of slavery. Escape leads her to raraku, where her soul will be reborn and her future made clear. The now-outlawed Bridgeburners, Fiddler and the assassin Kalam, have vowed to return the once god-possessed Apsalar to her homeland, and to confront and kill the Empress Laseen, but events will overtake them too. Meanwhile, Coltaine, the charismatic commander of the Malaz 7th Army, will lead his battered, war-weary troops in a last, valient running battle to save the lives of thirty thousand refugees and, in so doing, secure an illustrious place in the Empire's chequered history. And into this blighted land come two ancient wanderers, M...

    • Brand: Random House Uk; Bantam Books
    • ASIN: 0553813110
    • Part No: 9780553813111

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