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    Occhiali di protezione con lenti in policarbonato polarizzatocon custodia in corduraEN1836-2005EAN: 8014230725109

    • Brand: BETA
    • ASIN: B00L17PTRA
    • Part No: 070760029
  2. Análisis y Proyecto de Mecanismos

    • Brand: -99999
    • ASIN: 8429148388
  3. Children's Spanish book: Jojo's Easter Egg Hunt. Jojo y la Caza de Huevos de Pascua: Libros para niños.Spanish childrens book,(Cuentos para Dormir 3 a ... books for children nº 11) (Spanish Edition)

    ** FREE gratis para Kindle PRIME para Kindle Unlimited miembros **** Amazon Prime Members can download this book for FREE on their Kindle device **Full length Easter picture book for Children Ages 3-9This is a beautifully illustrated Easter story to teach kids to ‘never give up’.Read this hilarious kids book with full length color illustrations about Jojo, a naughty baby elephant calf. Easter is here! In the jungle, Jojo, the elephant calf is very excited to go on his first Easter Egg hunt.This fast paced book begins when Jojo who runs off to find Easter eggs.But he has no idea what an Easter Egg looks like. Will Jojo’s wild egg chase land him in trouble?It could be a case of mistaken ‘eggdentity’.Read this sweet little picture book to find out ...He is even willing to climb trees, swim in water to win the Easter Egg hunt ...Read this cute story about Jojo’s misadventures as he goes looking for eggs on land, air and water.His hilarious attempts to collect Easter eggs will have your children squealing with delight. In the end, it all works out for Jojo, when he meets a special friend. Can you guess who?This sweet story has beautiful full length illustrations, humor and values like helping others and never giving up.Even Reluctant readers will love this cheerful book. ...

    • ASIN: B00V0Y6GZ8
  4. Cuentos para dormir: Dónde están los Huevos de Pascua.Where are the Easter Eggs: Libro infantil ilustrado español-inglés(Edición bilingüe)Libro infantil ... Edición bilingüe nº 10) (Spanish Edition)

    ** FREE gratis para Kindle PRIME para Kindle Unlimited miembros **Adorable Spanish Picture Book for Children Ages 3-8** Amazon Prime Members can download this Spanish counting book for FREE on their Kindle device **This Easter book is designed for kids/beginners who are learning English or Spanish as a foreign language.¿Dónde están los Huevos de Pascua?Un libro de contar imágenes de Pascua para niñosBrillantes y alegres ilustraciones en cada página hacen que este libro de Pascua para contar sea muy divertido para niños (edades 3-6 años). El Conejito de Pascua está en cada página y también están sus amigos. El Conejito de Pascua ha escondido todos los huevos de Pascua para que sus amigos los encuentren.Juega el juego de contar y descubre más que solo los huevos de Pascua.¿Cuántos huevos obtendrá Dee, la pata bailadora?¿Obtendrá Honey, la conejita divertida, un regalo también? Hay una lección especial sobre la alegría de devolver al final.Los lectores jóvenes pueden practicar su conocimiento de lectura.Este libro es ideal para leerlo en voz alta a su niño. ¡Felices Pascuas!If this sounds like something you would like to read with your child, scroll up to download your copy.Read this creative children’s Easter counting book 1 -20 This is a great book fo...

    • ASIN: B00UQF1IKU
  5. Spanish baby books: Where are the Easter Eggs. Dónde están los Huevos de Pascua: Easter Spanish book, counting in Spanish,Bilingual Spanish book,Spanish ... - Libros infantiles nº 10) (Spanish Edition)

    ** Amazon Prime Members can download this Spanish counting book for FREE on their Kindle device **Adorable Spanish Picture Book for Children Ages 3-8 (Easter Counting)Read this creative children’s Easter counting book 1 -20 This is a great book for young children (Ages 2 - 6). Are you are looking for a counting book from One to Twenty?Then, this book might work for you.This picture book encourages children to count (1 - 20) in a fun and interesting way.Learn to count with the help of the Easter bunny and all the animals he meets.Where are the Easter Eggs?Read this cute Easter book to find them all!The Easter Bunny has hidden all the Easter eggs for his friends to find. How many Easter eggs will Dee, the Dancing Duck get?Does Honey, the funny Bunny get an Easter gift too?Bright and cheerful full length illustrations on each page make this a fun Easter Counting book for children. Children can count from one to twenty!Children will delight in the cute antics of Easter Bunny in every page.Young readers can practice their reading skills too!Play the counting game and uncover more than just Easter eggs.There’s a special lesson about the joy of giving back in the end.Happy Easter!The illustrations are cheerful and bright. Playful animals in the book makes counting a lot of fun!T...

    • ASIN: B00UQEJ2N6
  6. Recetas Para La Olla De Coccion Lenta (Spanish Edition)

    Disfruta de deliciosas recetas hechas en la Olla de Coccion LentaAhorra tiempo y Dinero!

  7. Mozarabs, Hispanics and Cross (Studies in Latino/A Catholicism) (English Edition)

    Veneration of the Cross plays a major role in Hispanic popular religion. But for the Mozarabs, a Catholic community that traces its roots to the Visigoths and Hispano-Romans of seventh-century Spain, veneration of the Cross--particularly the Lignum Crucis, a relic of the ""True Cross""--has served to join devotion to Christ with a powerful symbol of religio-ethnic identity and survival in the face of persecution. The Mozarabs (the term may mean ""Arabized"") of Toledo maintained their Catholic identity through the period of Islamic rule. After the Christian reconquest of Spain and the imposition of uniform Roman liturgical rites, they clung tightly to their own Mozarabic Rite, which is still recognized and celebrated today.

    • ASIN: B00JJWD07A

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