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  1. Cowboyküsse (Kiss of your Dreams)

    **Cowboys küssen besser!**Nach drei Jahren kehrt die 17-jährige Faye für einen Sommer in die flirrende Wüste Arizonas zurück. Hier, inmitten von Kakteen, herrscht seit Generationen eine erbitterte Feindschaft zwischen ihrer Familie, den reichen Hillingsleys, und der mittellosen Farmer-Familie Crocker. Nie hätte Faye damit gerechnet, selbst in diese Fehde hineingezogen zu werden… bis sie dem charmanten Chase begegnet. Zwischen ihr und dem gut aussehenden Cowboy funkt es sofort. Doch Chase ist ausgerechnet ein Crocker!//Textauszug: Wieder schlich Chase sich in meine Gedanken. Chase mit seinen ernsten, dunklen Augen und seinem Lächeln, von dem ich Bauchkribbeln und Herzflattern bekam. Ich musste ehrlich sein – wenigstens zu mir selbst. Ich war nicht bloß verknallt, sondern verliebt. Und zwar in Chase. Einen Crocker. Die Schlussfolgerung? Niemand durfte je etwas davon erfahren.// //Alle Bände der gefühlvollen Reihe:-- Kirschkernküsse (Kiss of your Dreams)-- Kolibriküsse (Kiss of your Dreams)-- Cowboyküsse (Kiss of your Dreams)//Alle Bände der Reihe können unabhängig voneinander gelesen werden und haben ein abgeschlossenes Ende.

    • ASIN: B06XYF2XBB
  2. The Land of Open Graves: Living and Dying on the Migrant Trail (California Series in Public Anthropology Book 36) (English Edition)

    In his gripping and provocative debut, anthropologist Jason De León sheds light on one of the most pressing political issues of our time—the human consequences of US immigration policy.  The Land of Open Graves reveals the suffering and deaths that occur daily in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona as thousands of undocumented migrants attempt to cross the border from Mexico into the United States. Drawing on the four major fields of anthropology, De León uses an innovative combination of ethnography, archaeology, linguistics, and forensic science to produce a scathing critique of “Prevention through Deterrence,” the federal border enforcement policy that encourages migrants to cross in areas characterized by extreme environmental conditions and high risk of death. For two decades, this policy has failed to deter border crossers while successfully turning the rugged terrain of southern Arizona into a killing field. In harrowing detail, De León chronicles the journeys of people who have made dozens of attempts to cross the border and uncovers the stories of the objects and bodies left behind in the desert.The Land of Open Graves will spark debate and controversy.

    • ASIN: B015QLQLGO
  3. His Mail-Order Bride: A Western Romance (The Fairfax Brides Book 1) (English Edition)

    A Wild West wedding! Thomas Greenwood expected his mail-order bride to be plain and pregnant—not a willow-slim beauty! She's clearly no practical farmer's wife, but she's his chance finally to have a loving family… Runaway heiress Charlotte Fairfax fled the possibility of a forced marriage, yet now, assuming a stolen identity, she's wed to a stranger the moment she steps off the train! She plans to stay only until it's safe to leave. Except marriage to kindhearted Thomas is far more complicated—and pleasurable—than she ever imagined!

    • ASIN: B01KFESON0
  4. Living and Leaving: A Social History of Regional Depopulation in Thirteenth-Century Mesa Verde (English Edition)

    The Mesa Verde migrations in the thirteenth century were an integral part of a transformative period that forever changed the course of Pueblo history. For more than seven hundred years, Pueblo people lived in the Northern San Juan region of the U.S. Southwest. Yet by the end of the 1200s, tens of thousands of Pueblo people had left the region. Understanding how it happened and where they went are enduring questions central to Southwestern archaeology.Much of the focus on this topic has been directed at understanding the role of climate change, drought, violence, and population pressure. The role of social factors, particularly religious change and sociopolitical organization, are less well understood. Bringing together multiple lines of evidence, including settlement patterns, pottery exchange networks, and changes in ceremonial and civic architecture, this book takes a historical perspective that naturally forefronts the social factors underlying the depopulation of Mesa Verde.Author Donna M. Glowacki shows how “living and leaving” were experienced across the region and what role differing stressors and enablers had in causing emigration. The author’s analysis explains how different histories and contingencies—which were shaped by deeply rooted eastern and western ident...

    • ASIN: B00UD3RRAU
  5. I Survive 0n $639 A Month! With Images!: I Get 639 Dollars A Month Social Security Payments! (English Edition)

    This is the story of how I survive on $639.00 a month Social Security. I live in my van and I go to several places in Arizona in the Summer and The Winter! I posted images too!

    • ASIN: B00NVX63DQ
  6. Holes

    • ASIN: 0440414806
    • UPC: 042516291046
    • Part No: 9780440414803
  7. Justice Calling: Live Love, Show Compassion, Be Changed (English Edition)

    From the author of Barefoot Tribe, whose “manifesto offers hope and inspiration for people of all faiths” (Booklist), comes a spiritually exhilarating guide toward living a life full of purpose, authenticity, and justice.Do you feel stuck in your faith? Are you searching for purpose? Do you desire a more authentic life? If your faith experience has been in the Western church, you have probably missed an essential part of spiritual growth without even knowing it. For decades, the church has been focused on personal piety instead of the needs of the world around it. But Christians have not been entrusted with the story of the Gospel to simply start building campaigns and run programs, rather we are to bring the world the message of hope and love. And to meet the needs of those we come in contact with. In Justice Calling, Palmer Chinchen offers a call to a fuller expression of following Christ. He says our faith must be a faith of doing, not just hearing. Our gaze must shift from ourselves and our small enclave like-minded individuals to the world filled with opportunities to bring justice and mercy. We must go. To the poor, the enslaved, the lost, and the lonely. There we will find fulfillment as we live out our calling. Are you ready to join the movement toward living with a p...

    • ASIN: B00P4349WS
  8. Best of Communities: VIII. Children in Community

    • ASIN: 1505421551
    • Part No: illustrations
  9. Smuggler's Blues: A True Story of the Hippie Mafia (English Edition)

    This gripping and trippy true account of international drug smuggling, the hippie underground, and the war on marijuana is a “wild, entertaining ride” (Kirkus Reviews).   Richard Stratton was not what most people would think as a drug kingpin. He was a clean-cut young man from Wellesley who came from a normal, middle-class family.   That all changed when, on a trip to Mexico, his search for a joint led to him smuggling two kilos of dope across the border in his car door. And with that successful deal, Stratton became a member of what came to be known as the Hippie Mafia.   He was a new breed of criminal: travelling the world to keep America high, living the underground life while embracing the hippie credo, and rejecting hard drugs in favor of marijuana and hashish.   His adventures sent him from New York’s Plaza Hotel to Lebanon’s war-torn Bekaa Valley and beyond, sourcing and smuggling high-grade hash and coming face to face with celebrities like Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Norman Mailer, as well as cold-blooded killers like the infamous mob boss Whitey Bulger. All the while, Stratton was tailed by his relentless nemesis—a philosophical DEA agent who actually respected Stratton for his good business practices.   A true-crime story that reads like fiction, Smuggl...

    • ASIN: B01CN2N770
  10. Living with the Dead in the Andes (English Edition)

    The Andean idea of death differs markedly from the Western view. In the Central Andes, particularly the highlands, death is not conceptually separated from life, nor is it viewed as a permanent state. People, animals, and plants simply transition from a soft, juicy, dynamic life to drier, more lasting states, like dry corn husks or mummified ancestors. Death is seen as an extension of vitality.Living with the Dead in the Andes considers recent research by archaeologists, bioarchaeologists, ethnographers, and ethnohistorians whose work reveals the diversity and complexity of the dead-living interaction. The book’s contributors reap the salient results of this new research to illuminate various conceptions and treatments of the dead: “bad” and “good” dead, mummified and preserved, the body represented by art or effigies, and personhood in material and symbolic terms.Death does not end or erase the emotional bonds established in life, and a comprehensive understanding of death requires consideration of the corpse, the soul, and the mourners. Lingering sentiment and memory of the departed seems as universal as death itself, yet often it is economic, social, and political agendas that influence the interactions between the dead and the living.Nine chapters written by scholar...

    • ASIN: B00V09OZZQ

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