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  1. Chicago's Bridges (Shire Library USA Book 673) (English Edition)

    The Chicago River divides America's Second City into the North and South Sides, and the bridges that span it are famous for their number and beauty. With the first constructed in 1832, it was only twelve years later that a moveable bridge appeared, and today Chicago is home to some sixty bridges in all, making it one of the most bridge-rich cities in the world. These bridges even today offer fascinating glimpses into Chicago's development from rough-and-tumble trading outpost to world-class city known for its architecture and culture, and this book traces the evolution of them all, from the original rising bascules to the splendidly designed twentieth-century structures that lend Chicago much of the grandeur for which it is known world-wide.

    • ASIN: B01BY34HC8
  2. Library Images Historischer Druck (L): North Clark Street Bridge and The Wrigley and Tribune Buildings, Chicago, Ill. / Kaufman

    Es handelt sich um einen Reproduktionsdruck in Museumsqualität auf Premium-Papier mit Archiv-/UV-beständigen Tinten. Datum: [1925?] Betrifft: Geschäftliche Einrichtungen--Illinois--Chicago--1920-1930. Hinweise: Nein 25-5064-4 Wittemann Collection Format: Cityscape Fotografien 1920-1930.Fotoprints 1920-1930. SOURCE: Bibliothek des Kongresses

    • Brand: Library Images
    • ASIN: B003I0FJ9G
    • Part No: 1
  3. How the North Won: A Military History of the Civil War

    How the North Won Selected as one of Civil War magazine's 100 essential titles on military campaigns and personalities. Full description

    • ASIN: 0252062108
  4. Historic Print (L): North Clark Street bridge and the Wrigley and Tribune Buildings, Chicago, Ill. / Kaufman by Library Images

    Typical Image Size: 16x20", Print Size: 20x24, Decorate with history or give a tasteful gift.

    • Brand: Library Images
    • ASIN: B01AJ2U1VQ
    • UPC: 783322376687
    • Part No: na
  5. An Explorer's Guide North Carolina (Explorer's Guides)

    North Carolina With Explorer s Guides, expert authors and helpful icons make it easy to locate places of extra value, family-friendly activities, and excellent restaurants and lodgings. Regional and city maps help you get around and What s Where provides a quick reference on everything from tourist attractions to off-the-beaten-track sites. Full description

    • Brand: Countryman Press
    • ASIN: 0881508454
  6. Land Bridges: Ancient Environments, Plant Migrations, and New World Connections (English Edition)

    Land bridges are the causeways of biodiversity. When they form, organisms are introduced into a new patchwork of species and habitats, forever altering the ecosystems into which they flow; and when land bridges disappear or fracture, organisms are separated into reproductively isolated populations that can evolve independently. More than this, land bridges play a role in determining global climates through changes to moisture and heat transport and are also essential factors in the development of biogeographic patterns across geographically remote regions.In this book, paleobotanist Alan Graham traces the formation and disruption of key New World land bridges and describes the biotic, climatic, and biogeographic ramifications of these land masses’ changing formations over time. Looking at five land bridges, he explores their present geographic setting and climate, modern vegetation, indigenous peoples (with special attention to their impact on past and present vegetation), and geologic history. From the great Panamanian isthmus to the boreal connections across the North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans that allowed exchange of organisms between North America, Europe, and Asia, Graham’s sweeping, one-hundred-million-year history offers new insight into the forces that shaped ...

    • ASIN: B07BPB3T9F
  7. City of the Century: The Epic of Chicago and the Making of America (Illinois)

    City of the Century This history of Chicago describes its wild beginnings, the Great Fire of 1871, its architecture, its mix of cultures, its community of young writers and journalists, and its staggering projects - including the reversal of the Chicago river and the raising of the entire city from prairie mud. Full description

    • ASIN: 0684831384
    • Part No: 9780684831381
  8. gthytjhv Tapisserie Decor Collection, Lavender Sydney Sydney Bridge North Shore Rocks and City Sydney Bedroom Living Room Dorm Wall Hanging Tapestry Polyester & Polyester Blend

    Diese Wandbehang Wandbehang ist aus Polyester-Faser, die einen eleganten Look für Schlafzimmer Wohnheim Wohnheim Dekor. Diese schöne Home Decor Stück kann Wandteppiche, Wandbehang, Tagesdecke, Wanddekoration, Wandkunst, Bettdecke, Raumteiler, Vorhang Tischdecke, Studentenwohnheim, Picknickdecke Stranddecke Bettbezug, Strandtuch und Yogatuch.Waschanleitung: Maximale Wassertemperatur 30 ° C, nicht bleichbar, zum Trocknen aufhängen, Bügeln bei niedriger Temperatur, nicht chemische Reinigung Wandbehang.

    • Color: As Pic
    • Brand: gthytjhv
    • ASIN: B07PRF6NVV
    • UPC: 011204268769
    • Part No: gthytjhv258974547
  9. Murder and Mayhem on Chicago's West Side (Murder & Mayhem) (English Edition)

    Blazing from the West Side, the Great Chicago Fire left nothing but ashy remnants of the developing city, leveling its landscape but certainly not its spirit. While the West Side was home to the infamous O'Leary barn, it was also where news of some of the city's most gruesome and horrific crimes reverberated throughout the state and across the country. Read about the bloody end of Roger The Terrible"? Touhy, who, although he undoubtedly lived up to his name, met an ill-deserved fate. Troy Taylor also delves into the life of John Wayne Gacy, the depraved man masked by the clown costume, and yet again proves to be a master storyteller and historian of Chicago's criminal underworld."


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