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  1. Moving in Glory Realms: Exploring Dimensions of Divine Presence (English Edition)

    A Blueprint for Revival! Many believers today yearn for an encounter with the supernatural. They hunger to experience the glory of God they’ve only read about in the Bible. Joshua Mills believes that all Christians are intended to live, move, and operate within what he calls "glory realms." Now Joshua opens up God's glory by explaining the different realms, spheres, and dimensions of the kingdom. He systematically builds a faith framework in which the reader can begin to move into the glory of God with ease. Joshua breaks down our understanding of God’s glory into three parts: first, moving in the Spirit, which is about understanding the different dynamics of faith, anointing, and God’s glory; second, moving in the supernatural by recalibrating ourselves to heaven’s frequency, working with angels, and accessing the highest power of God’s glory so that the miraculous dimension begins to manifest; and third, moving in the heavenlies, dealing with spiritual travel and prophetic encounters, manifesting divine abundance, and living in heavenly revelation. Throughout, Joshua shares many unusual and extraordinary testimonies of God’s glory working through uncommon signs and wonders, heavenly experiences, angelic appearances, and other manifestations of the miraculous, Throug...

    • ASIN: B07C69LGK8
  2. Eden Mills, Eramosa, Everton, and Hillsburgh Ontario in Colour Photos: Saving Our History One Photo at a Time (Cruising Ontario Book 65) (English Edition)

    Eden MillsEden Mills was established in 1842 and called Kribbs Mill. When Adam Argo bought the mill he changed the name to Eden Mills, the name for the post office in 1851 with Mr. Argo as the postmaster. In the early days Eden Mills had a hotel, a flour mill, a wagon maker, blacksmith, general store, shoe store, cooper shop and a daily stage. The first church was of the Congregation Faith.EramosaEramosa is located at the crossroads of Highway 124 and Wellington Road 29 east of Guelph.EvertonGuelph/Eramosa is a township in Wellington County in mid-western Ontario. It partly encircles the city of Guelph from northeast to south southwest of the city.Rockwood is the main community in the township. Rockwood is located on Highway 7 between Acton and Guelph. The Eramosa River runs through the centre of the village and the river was the source of power for several mills that were built for the original settlement. Limestone was also extracted from the area. The Rockwood Conservation Area is used for swimming, hiking, canoeing, picnicking and camping.The township also includes the smaller communities of Ariss, Armstrong Mills, Birge Mills, Blue Springs, Brucedale, Centre Inn, Eden Mills, Eramosa, Everton, Marden, Colbertville, Mosborough, Oakvale, Redwood Hills, and Rockcut.HillsburghHil...

    • ASIN: B07MQKQ7T6
  3. Elora Ontario in Colour Photos: Saving Our History One Photo at a Time (Cruising Ontario Book 69) (English Edition)

    Elora is located in Wellington County on the Grand River and is about twenty kilometres north of Guelph, and twenty kilometres northeast of Kitchener-Waterloo.Elora was founded in 1832 by Captain William Gilkison, a British officer recently returned from India. Originally called Irvine Settlement, the village was renamed Elora when the post office was established in 1839. Gilkison named the community after his brother's ship, which was itself inspired by the Ellora Caves near Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.The Elora Gorge, located at the western edge of the village, is one of the most scenic areas in Southern Ontario with its limestone cliffs descending 80 feet into the Grand and Irvine rivers where small caves, rapids, falls and quiet waters beckon visitors. At the foot of Mill Street stands the Elora Mill, one of the few early Ontario five-storey grist mills still in existence.David Boyle, born in Scotland in 1842, came to Canada in 1856 and settled in this area. As a local school teacher, he began an extensive collection of native artifacts and became an archaeological authority. In 1886, Boyle was appointed the first curator of the Provincial Archaeological Museum in Toronto. He was dedicated to the study and retention of artifacts and he initiated an active programme of e...

    • ASIN: B07P8VRL4D
  4. Ancaster and Mount Hope Ontario in Colour Photos: Saving Our History One Photo at a Time (Cruising Ontario Book 66) (English Edition)

    Ancaster is a picturesque and historic community located on the Niagara Escarpment within the greater area of the city of Hamilton, Ontario. Ancaster's geography has had a significant effect on human settlement patterns throughout its history. A highly influential geographical formation has been the Niagara Escarpment consisting primarily of limestone formed from ancient fossilized sea organisms that spans from present day New York State through Ontario to Illinois. The escarpment itself created the water power that encouraged early European settlers to gravitate to the area in the late 1700s. This long-meandering landform was an inhospitable transportation barrier for past indigenous cultures. However, a natural break in this escarpment in the area that would become Ancaster village had created an opportunity for people to traverse up and down the escarpment providing a relatively easy navigable land transportation gateway from the head of the lake to the surrounding land on the escarpment.Ancaster was founded in 1793 and was one of the oldest European communities established in present day Ontario. By 1823, due in large part to its easily accessible water power located at the juncture of already existing historical trading routes, Ancaster became Upper Canada’s largest indust...

  5. Alton, Mono and Caledon Ontario in Colour Photos: Saving Our History One Photo at a Time (Cruising Ontario Book 47) (English Edition)

    CaledonThe County of Peel was created in 1805 following the purchase by the British Crown of the southern part of the Mississauga Tract on the shore of Lake Ontario. Surveyed in 1818-1819, the townships of Albion, Caledon and Chinguacousy were opened for settlement in 1820. Early settlements in the townships developed around water-powered mill sites on the Credit and Humber rivers, and at various crossroads. The arrival of the Toronto Grey & Bruce, Hamilton & Northwestern and Credit Valley railways in the 1870s spurred further settlements at various junctions. Development was also influenced by the area’s major landforms, including the Peel Plain, the Niagara Escarpment and the Oak Ridges Moraine. The Town of Caledon was established on January 1, 1974 in conjunction with the creation of regional government. Representing an amalgamation of the townships of Albion, Caledon and the northern half of Chinguacousy, the Town of Caledon forms the northern municipality of the Region of Peel. The name Caledon was chosen through public referendum in 1973.The primary administrative and commercial centre of Caledon is the town of Bolton.Smaller communities in the town of Caledon include Albion, Alloa, Alton, Belfountain, Boston Mills, Brimstone, Caledon, Caledon East, Caledon Village, Camp...

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