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  1. The Real Sous Vide Cookbook!: Exquisite Sous Vide Recipes for Everyone - The Ultimate Sous Vide Cooking Guide (English Edition)

    “The Real Sous Vide Cookbook! Exquisite Sous Vide Recipes for Everyone! The Ultimate Sous Vide Cooking Guide” is as impressive as it sounds! It’s not just a simple recipes collection. It will introduce you into a new world. It will show you a futuristic cooking method that has gained so much popularity over the last couple of years.The guide will show you that everyone can become a star in the kitchen and that you don’t have to be a chef to make an exquisite dish for your friends, family or guests.It will make you understand that sous vide cooking doesn’t have to be a fantasy! You can enjoy this cooking method and you can even have fun with it!The collection brought to you today is created to suit all needs and tastes! It will teach you how to prepare some of the best dishes in your life and it will become your new best friend in the kitchen when you need to impress family and guests with your cooking skills!So, what are you still waiting for? The best and most popular sous vide cooking guide is here for you. Turn the page and start your new culinary experience!

    • ASIN: B07NJDH8RW
  2. Angels, Orion Plain and Simple (English Edition)

    A practical guide on how to connect with angels.Throughout time, people of many cultures and religions have believed in angels. Now Beleta Greenaway brings you closer to these wonderful beings in this delightful guide. She shares some of her own experiences with angels and describes how you can make your own connections with them, whether through meditation, in dreams, using decks of special cards, or by other means.Greenaway covers the entire angelic realm. Included here are: · Encounters with angels· Angels in the modern world· Angelic herbs and plants· How to work with angels· Angels, animals, and heaven· Angels in the AfterlifeThis is for anyone who is interested in angels, who wants a little supernatural help, and/or who wants a glimpse of the vast array of other worldly forces and beings that inhabit the universe.

    • ASIN: B01HY8NY4E
  3. A Year of Little Things: 100 Simple Ways to Be Happy (English Edition)

    A Year of Little Things is a gentle guide to making every moment count, inviting you to slow down and embrace the simple pleasures of daily life. Beautifully illustrated with evocative photographs inspired by the seasons, here are fulfilling ideas and activities to help you get back in touch with nature's rhythms, indulge your senses, and explore opportunities to live deliberately.Some are as simple as cherishing small things---such as touching sunlight to revel in its warmth in winter, singing to yourself during mundane chores, stargazing on a mild summer night---and some are more daring, such as embracing the spontaneous, staying up all night, lending a hand to a stranger in need, or sending an unexpected present. Blissful and uplifting experiences are always close at hand, you just need to reach out for them. So when life gets to be too much, let A Year of Little Things inspire you to savor special moments and celebrate the joy to be found in an ordinary day all year long.

    • ASIN: B01JZ77PXI
  4. The Joy of Doing Nothing: A Real-Life Guide to Stepping Back, Slowing Down, and Creating a Simpler, Joy-Filled Life (English Edition)

    Fight back against busyness and celebrate the pleasure of doing nothing in this new guide that helps relieve stress and increase happiness in your life.In The Joy of Doing Nothing you’ll discover how to step away from everything you think you have to do and learn to live a minimalist life. Rachel Jonat shares simple strategies to help you stop overscheduling, find time for yourself, and create moments of calm every day. You’ll learn how to focus more on the important aspects of life, such as family and friends, and scale back your schedule to create more time in the day to care for yourself.

    • ASIN: B071RBQC7Q
  5. Sunday Praise Kissenbezüge, 2 Stück, SAMT, quadratisch, 45,7 x 45,7 cm, gestreift, handgefertigt, für Couch, Sofa, Bett, Stuhl Modern 18x18 inch grau

    Brand: Sunday Praise Sunday Praise Cozy Throw Pillow Cases Covers Ultra Soft Corduroy Striped Both Sides Contain: 2 PCs Cushion Cover/Shell, No Insert or Filler Quality and durable Zipper Closure for easy insertion. * Cover Size 18" X 18", Suggest Square Pillow Stuff Size 18" X 18" or 20" X 20" Notice: 1. The Real Merchandise You Will Receive Might Be Slightly Different to The Photo Presented Design Due To The Fabric Material Trimming Procedure 2. The Cover Size With 5% Bigger or Smaller Is Permitted Due To Hand Cut And Hand Controlled Sewing.

    • Color: Grau
    • Brand: Sunday Praise
    • ASIN: B07H4P4JL4
    • UPC: 680727326920

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