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  1. Malcolm McDonald on Key Account Management (English Edition)

    Malcolm McDonald on Key Account Management explores the challenges of winning, retaining and developing key accounts. Key accounts are customers who help their suppliers grow, and consequently, they wield significant power. Although they are the key to market share and revenue growth, the costs of serving key accounts can erode profitability unless they are thoroughly understood and managed. Malcolm McDonald on Key Account Management takes a step-by-step approach to presenting best practice in key account management. Whether your business is starting up or well-established, there is always more to discover about improving the way value is created between you and your most important customers. Malcolm McDonald and Beth Rogers have spent over twenty years researching, teaching and consulting on key account management, and have condensed their knowledge into this book, focusing on making it clear, concise and easy to use.

    • ASIN: B074C7FQSF
  2. Entrepreneurial Finance, Third Edition: Finance and Business Strategies for the Serious Entrepreneur (English Edition)

    The premier guide to setting up and managing your business’s finances Whatever business you run or plan to launch, Entrepreneurial Finance provides the essential tools and know-how you need to build a sturdy foundation that will support it for many years to come. Entrepreneurial Finance, Third Edition, offers potent methods for keeping firm financial control of your enterprise and insightful tips for avoiding the multitude of financial barriers that may block your entrepreneurial dream. This exciting update covers all the major topics that have made Entrepreneurial Finance the definitive book on the subject--from understanding financial statements and measuring cash flow to making a company profitable, valuing a company, and raising additional debt and equity capital--as well as brand-new, need-to-know information about: Marketing your crowdfunding campaign to finance not only technology companies, but also arts, sciences, biotechnology, and community development organizations Pursuing "intrapreneurship," or the financing of growth within an existing company using a mindset of entrepreneurship The "Entrepreneurship Spectrum," or the many ways to pursue your dreams of running your own company Discovering sources of debt and equity capital for the fast-growing millions of women ...

    • ASIN: B00IA4J9CS
  3. Corporate Citizenship in Africa: Lessons from the Past; Paths to the Future (English Edition)

    Corporate citizenship is enmeshed in the debate about Africa's future. Africa is the continent where the social needs are greatest and where the benefits of globalisation have been least felt. What makes corporate citizenship in Africa not only fascinating, but also of critical importance, is that the continent embodies many of the most vexing dilemmas that business faces in attempts to be responsible, ethical and sustainable.  This unique collection for the first time brings together in one publication the critical debates, perspectives, experiences and success stories in the emerging field of corporate citizenship in Africa.  The book addresses a number of key questions: What research has been conducted on corporate citizenship in Africa over the past ten years? How are the concepts and challenges of corporate citizenship in Africa different, compared to other regions of the world? Which industry sectors are leading in the implementation of corporate citizenship in Africa? What are some of the dilemmas facing companies that are striving to be good corporate citizens in Africa? What are some of the best-practice case studies of companies' corporate citizenship programmes in Africa? What can Africa learn from the rest of the world about corporate citizenship, and what can it te...

    • ASIN: B075GWZRM9
  4. Messedesign Jahrbuch 2017 / 18

    Broschiertes BuchAktuelle Markenkommunikation avanciert zunehmend zu real-digitalen Narrativen. Dabei spielt der Trend um das Storytelling eine große Rolle, aber auch die Art der Kommunikation in Zeiten der kompletten Digitalisierung. Und gerade auf Messen zeichnet sich immer noch das persönliche Gespräch als wesentlicher Bestandteil eines jeden Auftritts aus.Mit dieser Ausgabe des Messedesign Jahrbuchs präsentieren die Autorinnen einige gelungene Beispiele transmedialen Storytellings und legen dabei nicht nur besonderen Wert auf den gekonnten Einsatz der verwendeten Kommunikationsmittel, sondern vor allem auf die hervorragende Gestaltung des Gesamtauftritts, der sowohl zum kommunikativen und damit informativen Mehrwert für die Aussteller als auch zum emotionalen Erlebnis für die Besucher werden kann.

    • Brand: Av Edition
    • ASIN: 3899862716
    • Part No: 48111284
  5. Starting The Ultimate Franchise -: How Anyone Can Leave The Corporate Rat Race, Start A Man In A Van Business And Save Themselves £1,000s In The Process. (English Edition)

    If you’re looking for something to do, maybe go from being stressed out to enjoying your life, or finding something to do that you will just love doing. Or to make your life style better then building a business with OvenGleamers Oven Cleaning franchise is just the solution for you.After over a decade in the Oven Cleaning Industry growing his business from a single man in a van to a successful multi-van operation, Graham Rogers, shares his in depth knowledge of how you could join the OvenGleamers network of successful franchisees.In this book you'll discover... The nine key elements to escape the Corporate Rat Race, start your man in the van business and save yourself £1000s in the process. How to source the best equipment, set yourself business growth targets and establish a niche service in your local area.And much, much, more ...Inside this guide you will find the answers to the following hot topics, andmuch, much more…• The importance of customer service• Understanding the earning potential• How a franchise fits in with your lifestyle• What to expect from your trainingWith 12 years experience in the oven cleaning industry, Graham is a leadingexpert in the oven cleaning franchise industry, and OvenGleamers oven cleaning franchise is the fastest growing ...

    • ASIN: B01DIZC15U
  6. The Corporate Bodyguard Manual - For Inspiring Corporate Executive Protection Specialists (English Edition)

    BURNT OUT WITH YOUR CURRENT CAREER - BECOME A BODYGUARDBurnt out or disenchanted with your current job? Considering moving to the private sector? Looking to get into the corporate executive protection field when you return stateside? Whether you’re transitioning from the military, law enforcement, private sector or PSD (personal security detachment) the Corporate Bodyguard Manual - For Inspiring Corporate Executive Protection Specialists will help you reach the top in protecting CEOs and senior executives of top major public corporations in fascinating and exotic international locales.CONTRARY TO WHAT HOLLYWOOD SAYSContrary to what is often portrayed in classical Hollywood bodyguard movies, there’s a lot more to learn about the bodyguard business than: “Never let her out of your sight. Never let your guard down. Never fall in love.” The Corporate Bodyguard Manual - For Inspiring Corporate Executive Protection Specialists provides you with the real story about becoming a first-class bodyguard in today’s corporate business environment. Let Doc Rogers be your executive protection career strategist with his ongoing twenty plus years in the executive protection industry at the highest international level. A PROFESSIONAL BODYGUARD IS A HIGHLY LUCRATIVE CAREERThe Corporate B...

    • ASIN: B00BFT4YBG
  7. West side story (edizione 50° anniversario) [Blu-ray] [IT Import]

    Due bande giovanili rivali si contendono il territorio del West Side, un quartiere popolare di New York. I Jets, bianchi, capeggiati da Riff e gli Squali, portoricani, il cui capo è Bernardo. Ulteriore motivo di lotta è l'amore di Tony, ex Jets, per Maria, sorella di Bernardo. Questi si oppone e sfida i Jets: dopo un consiglio di guerra, le due bande decidono di limitare la sfida in una lotta senza armi. Ma l'incontro degenera e la rissa vede scorrere il sangue. Vittima di una coltellata è Riff, per vendicarlo Tony, accecato dall' ira, accoltella Bernardo. Maria, informata della morte del fratello, respinge Tony, ma resasi conto che egli è stato vittima delle circostanze, lo manda a cercare. L'amica messaggera, maltrattata dai Jets, per vendicarsi dichiara che anche Maria è morta. Tony, disperato, va alla ricerca dell'assassino. Mentre corre incontro all'amata ritrovata, un colpo di pistola segna la vendetta per la morte di Bernardo, uccidendo Tony. Solo sul suo cadavere le due bande si placano trovando la reciproca comprensione.

    • ASIN: B006LG590S
  8. The World Guide to CSR: A Country-by-Country Analysis of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (English Edition)

    The World Guide to CSR is the first book to provide comparable national profiles that describe the evolution and practice of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) for 58 countries and 5 global regions. Each regional and national profile includes key information about the relevant CSR history, country-specific issues, trends, research and leading organizations.  The purpose of the book is to give CSR professionals (including managers, consultants, academics and NGOs focusing on the social, environmental and ethical responsibilities of business) a quick reference guide to CSR in different regional and national contexts. The need for the book is premised on the fact that CSR professionals and researchers more often than not have a multinational remit and are required to benchmark performance internationally, but find that country-specific CSR information is ad hoc, limited or non-existent. Even where national CSR research exists, it is often hidden in academic journals that practitioners cannot access or do not have the time or inclination to read.  The book is an edited volume, with expert contributors from around the world, all of whom have been screened and selected on the basis of their qualifications and experience in CSR. Each regional/country profile includes th...

    • ASIN: B075GLZ37Z
  9. An Executive Bodyguard Manual on Kidnap Prevention: What Every Executive Protection Specialist Should Know About Kidnap Prevention (English Edition)

    An Executive Bodyguard Manual on Kidnap Prevention: What Every Executive Protection Specialist Should Know About Kidnap PreventionExecutives and corporate employees face potential kidnap risks from Islamic extremists, nationalists, extreme right and left wing groups, religious cults, corrupt law enforcement and criminal gangs. This book; An Executive Bodyguard Manual on Kidnap Prevention provides the latest in personal security, self-awareness and kidnap prevention tactics, techniques and procedures, which every executive protection specialist should know (as well as executive without personal security).Within the pages of An Executive Bodyguard Manual on Kidnap Prevention you will learn how to avoid kidnap threats while traveling to politically unstable areas of the world. This manual provides the most valuable risk avoidance techniques, making executives less vulnerable to kidnap and reducing the likelihood of a successful abduction anywhere in the world. It provides an in-depth look into executive kidnappings and shares easy-to-implement strategies for staying aware of risks and keeping you and your family safe. Increase your awareness of security risks and learn how to enhance you and your principal’s personal safety with anti-kidnapping measures, skills and strategies from...

    • ASIN: B00AL2LHHM
  10. Make Your Own Rules: A Renegade Guide to Unconventional Success (English Edition)

    Wayne Rogers, star of the classic TV series M*A*S*H*, has had even more success as a businessman and entrepreneur than as an actor. Rather than accepting the stifling constrains of the corporate system, the iconoclastic star applied his own unique viewpoint to a wide range of businesses (a restaurant, a vineyard, a chain of convenience stores, the world of banking, real estate, a film distribution company, and even a famous bridal boutique) and experienced major success. Now, in this award-winning book, he reveals the keys to his success over the past four decades and teaches readers how to thrive outside of their familiar establishment. Make Your Own Rules does this by painting a fascinating portrait of how Rogers excelled precisely because he didn't have prior experience before working in those many businesses--or any preconceived notions of how they should be run. Through insights and engaging stories, you’ll learn how to be creative, challenge convention, and seize unexpected opportunities that are not only liberating but make all the difference in your career. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, changing careers or just entering the workforce, Make Your Own Rules delivers the inspiration and guidance you need to climb the ladder of your choice.

    • ASIN: B004ISLDYC

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