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  1. The Atlantis Girl (The Atlantis Saga Book 1) (English Edition)

    ~*~*~*~FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME~*~*~*~ Book 1 in the thrilling 7-book Atlantis SagaThe US government, the US military, and world-renowned scientists are all after one thing—the Atlantis gene, from the descendants of the lost island of Atlantis.Sixteen-year-old Jaxon Andersen doesn’t know anything about her origins and has been shuffled around different foster homes ever since she can remember. Trouble follows her, but bullies underestimate her small stature; she has an inexplicable strength, and she can kick some serious butt. She tries for a fresh start at the Forever Welcome Group Home for Juveniles. Dr. Hollis, her psychiatrist, is fascinated by her intelligence and astounded by her strange powers. However, Jaxon is still an easy target for bullies. She seeks refuge in the company of Otto Heike, an eighteen-year-old athlete and boys’ resident assistant. Will Otto think Jaxon’s a freak when he discovers her secrets? Meanwhile, the US military, which is performing terrifying genetic experiments, is closing in on Jaxon…The Atlantis Girl is the 1st book in Atlantis Saga, about the girl with the Atlantis gene.Book 1: The Atlantis GirlBook 2: The Atlantis AllegianceBook 3: The Atlantis Gene Book 4: The Atlantis Secret Book 5: The Atlantis Origins Book 6: The Atlantis Guard...

    • ASIN: B00XRUIJR6
  2. Edge of Temptation (Shadowy Assassins (S.A.S.S.) Book 4) (English Edition)

    FUNNIEST GEM CAPER EVERWalker, Titan's newest recruit, has been sent to rescue Nadine Kincaid, DARPA's scientist working on a special state-of-the-art exoskeleton for COS Command's Super Soldier Spy Project. Instead, the kidnapped Nadine turned out to be Nadia, Nadine's twin sister, who has been protecting her sister all along. Nadia is perfectly capable of taking care of herself and Walker's sudden appearance just added more fun to her adventure. Stuck together, the two of them now have to work together to keep the newest exoskeleton blueprints out of the enemy's hands. Get ready for a wild ride!

  3. Spy SA ll1012 CDL Kit

    Universal 2-Türer adrige Zentralverriegelung Set inkl. 2 Fernbedienungen

    • Brand: Spy
    • ASIN: B005BP53RO
    • Part No: SA LL1012
  4. Facebook : Comment Accéder au Compte de votre Voisin grâce sa Box Wifi (French Edition)

    Découvrez comment il est possible de se connecter au compte Facebook d'une personne située à proximité de vous, simplement en vous connectant à sa box internet par le wifi : il est facile de contourner une connexion sécurisée grâce au Dark Net.

    • ASIN: B077Y3498J
  5. Kerzenstecker "1 - 2 - 3 - 4" für Advent-Kerzen (silber/Strass, Alu)

    Stecker "1 - 2 - 3 - 4" für Adent-Kerzen (silber/Strass, Kerzenstecker, Alu) Eine schöne Ergänzung zur weihnachtlichen Dekoration. 4 Stecker aus Alu - verziert mit Strass - in Form der Adventszahlen "1", "2", "3" und "4" zum befestigen an den Adventskerzen mittels eines "Steckers". Alternativ finden Sie in unserem Shop weitere Varianten z.B. in Hirsch-Optik & Lilien-Form oder nur in Alu-Optik ohne Strass. Abmessungen: Breite je nach Zahl variabel Höhe ca. 3,5 cm

    • Color: Silber
    • Brand: Chic Antique
    • ASIN: B016TPYSXE
    • Part No: SA 67SA
  6. Love, Simon [Blu-ray]

    • Brand: Twentieth Century Fox
    • ASIN: B07F37TK2T
    • Part No: D083863BSM01
  7. TEMPTING TROUBLE (Shadowy Assassins (S.A.S.S.) Book 3) (English Edition)

    SEXY ROMANTIC ADVENTURE, YOUNG ADULT SPYRT Booklovers Reviewers Choice Finalist!Having a top spy for a father has its benefits--Grace O'Connor can out-think and outsmart most people--and its downside--her secret must remain one. But that had never stopped her from getting into trouble. That is, after all, the nickname her father gave her.Taking an intern job at GNE for the summer at DC, she soon finds out the agency for which she works provides more than translation services. GNE sends out "recorders" to events of interest for the purpose of gathering and selling information. It doesn't take long before Grace is involved in the middle of a chase for an important list of corrupt politicians. Or maybe there's more to that because every spy agency seems to be after it too, including the arrogant and sexy Lance Mercy.Mercy, top COS commando, has been brought in to 1) extract a Chinese dissident with information about some weaponry stolen from the US and 2) catch the mole among them. Everything seems to be running smoothly until the appearance of that confounding woman who might or might not be an enemy. He has never met someone quite like Grace O'Connor--seemingly too young, incredibly sexy, and absolutely up-to-neck in the thick of this crazy business.Nuns on the run, odd Chinese wo...

  8. SOS (English Edition)

    Beatrice wants to kill the Supreme Consul.Dr Jeremy wants to kill Beatrice.Supreme Consul Ruella wants to kill Beatrice, Dr Jeremy, and anyone else who annoys him. He’s a lovable chap really.Half a century from now the monarchy has fallen, replaced by a homicidal dictator in the guise of “Supreme Consul”. In an age where science has gone horribly wrong and murder is a whole lot easier than it used to be, these are dark times for the persecuted Academy, an underground group of actors declared as “enemies of the state”. With the country and the world going to pieces around them, the Academy think they’re the only ones capable of taking on the Dictator. How wrong they are.Step forward Elite Force and their grizzly commander whilst in the darkness there waits a terrifying mutant doctor. The stage is set for an epic fight but by the final chapter it won’t be just the Dictator sending out the SOS call.

    • ASIN: B071FNRH9D
  9. Covert World - Red Storm (English Edition)

    Tsunamis have been destroying power plants along coastlines around the world, and a missing agent holds the key. In the cold heart of Siberia lies the largest High Frequency weather controlling array in the world. Sofia Kuzma, a brilliant young scientist, has been recruited to work for its eccentric owner, Nikoli Petrovich. Thinking that the technology she’s working on will bring life-giving rain to drought-stricken areas of the world, Sofia is horrified when she discovers what Nikoli’s true intentions are. With Nikoli’s henchmen closing in on her, she goes to the one place that might offer her protection: The U.S. Embassy in Moscow.Special Agent Blake MacKay is sent to the safe house in Moscow to get the data from Sofia, find the missing agent, and stop Petrovich at all costs. After an attack on the safe house and a growing number of violent deaths, Blake starts to understand the danger he’s up against—and to plan his attack.Together with Sofia, he uncovers a plot larger than either of them could imagine. With time working against him, Blake battles the frigid cold of Siberia and the will of a madman to avert a crisis that will cause the deaths of thousands of Americans and bring the country to the brink of financial ruin.

    • ASIN: B00OPB0EKG

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