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  1. Betaball: How Silicon Valley and Science Built One of the Greatest Basketball Teams in History (English Edition)

    The definitive, inside account of how the Golden State Warriors created a new kind of basketball juggernaut"Buckle up for the sports book of the year." -- Don Van Natta Jr., ESPN investigative reporter, New York Times bestselling author, and Pulitzer Prize winner"Instructive reading for every coach and every player in every sport -- and fun, too." -- Kirkus Reviews"An insightful portrait of one of the all-time great NBA teams." -- Booklist"Malinowski describes the on-court action with humorous flair while also capturing the sophistication required to properly run a professional sports team." -- Publishers WeeklyMoneyball meets The City Game in this compelling look at how the world champion Golden State Warriors embraced savvy business practices, next-generation science, and Silicon Valley's technocentric culture to not only produce the most talented basketball team ever assembled but revolutionize the modern NBA. Betaball is the definitive, inside account of how the Warriors -- under the leadership of venture capitalist Joe Lacob and Hollywood producer Peter Guber -- quickly became one of the most remarkable success stories ever witnessed in sports or business. In just five years, the duo turned a declining franchise with no immediate hope into the NBA's dominant force, faci...

    • ASIN: B071CK11X9
  2. Holiday Peak Weihnachtsbaum aus Fichte, beleuchtet, 122 cm, Einheitsgröße, Grün/Weiß

    • Color: Grün, Weiß
    • Brand: Holiday PeakTM
    • ASIN: B0764J6869
    • UPC: 842536115908
    • Part No: 360826-BC00408519
  3. Ausnahmezustand

    • Brand: Fox
    • ASIN: B00004S5QC
    • Part No: 0017308
  4. Stories from Hispano New Mexico

    The story of Spanish settlement in New Mexico begins with Francisco Vasquez de Coronado's expedition into the territory in 1540-1542. The conquistadors were seeking new lands, gold, and converts to Christianity. In 1598, Juan de Onate's expedition of soldiers, settlers and indigenous Mexicans arrived, charged by the Crown to colonize the northern frontier of New Spain. Far from Mexico and the seat of Spanish government, in a land of extremes already inhabited by the First Americans, these settlers proved their tenacity. Farmers, shepherds and townspeople, they lived off the land: they built houses and churches, constructed irrigation ditches, raised crops, wove cloth and hunted for food in an often hostile land. They borrowed, bartered and intermarried with their Pueblo neighbors and weathered an occasional uprising; they battled with Comanche, Apache, and Navajo for control of land and resources. When the American army arrived, they chose sides and paid the consequences. Between 1936 and 1940, field workers in the New Deal Works Project Administration's Federal Writers' Project (WPA) recorded authentic accounts of life in the early days of New Mexico. Happily for us, Hispano settlers were avid storytellers and gave the field writers detailed descriptions of village life, battles...

    • Brand: Sunstone Press
    • ASIN: 0865348855
    • Part No: 19073233
  5. Bottle Grove: A Novel (English Edition)

    A razor-sharp tale of two couples, two marriages, a bar, and a San Francisco start-up from a best-selling, award-winning novelist. This is a story about two marriages. Or is it? It begins with a wedding, held in the small San Francisco forest of Bottle Grove--bestowed by a wealthy patron for the public good, back when people did such things. Here is a cross section of lives, a stretch of urban green where ritzy guests, lustful teenagers, drunken revelers, and forest creatures all wait for the sun to go down. The girl in the corner slugging vodka from a cough-syrup bottle is Padgett--she's keeping something secreted in the woods. The couple at the altar are the Nickels--the bride is emphatic about changing her name, as there is plenty about her old life she is ready to forget. Set in San Francisco as the tech-boom is exploding, Bottle Grove is a sexy, skewering dark comedy about two unions--one forged of love and the other of greed--and about the forces that can drive couples together, into dependence, and then into sinister, even supernatural realms. Add one ominous shape-shifter to the mix, and you get a delightful and strange spectacle: a story of scheming and yearning and foibles and love and what we end up doing for it--and everyone has a secret. Looming over it all is the in...

    • ASIN: B07QMNBDS1
  6. Northwoods Greenery Glasfaser-Weihnachtsbaum, drehbar, Einheitsgröße, Grün

    Der vorbeleuchtete, vorgetrimmte Weihnachtsbaum aus Glasfaser-Optik leuchtet in ständig wechselnden Farben, dreht sich um 360 und erstrahlt Sie mit einer Medley von Karolen (einfach einstecken und Weihnachten nen). Die üppigen, immergrünen Zweige auf diesem Glasfaserbaum funkeln mit langlebigen Glasfaser-Röhren, die von Rot und Gelb zu Blau, Grün und Violett wechseln. Der kleine Glasfaser-Tannenbaum von Doitall wird mit 18 fest befestigten Ornamenten geliefert (eine festliche Auswahl an traditionellen runden Kugeln, Sternen und Kerzen). Schalten Sie die Musik ein und genießen Sie automatisch Snippets von 25 klassischen Urlaubsmusik. Der drehbare Goldton Sockel lässt Sie die Schönheit aus jedem Blickwinkel genießen. Einfache Montage, inklusive UL-aufgelistetem Adapter. Kunststoff, Draht Baum: 91,4 cm hoch. Ständer: 14 cm qm.

    • Color: Grün
    • Brand: Northwoods Greenery
    • ASIN: B00O33OQ9Q
    • UPC: 840853127345
    • Part No: 349693-BC00385682
  7. Frontier Stories

    Between 1850 and 1912, the year New Mexico was granted statehood, the Territory of New Mexico was a wild and dangerous place. Homesteaders, cowboys, ranchers, sheepherders, buffalo hunters, prospectors, treasure hunters and railroad men pushing the borders of the western frontier met with resistance from man and animal alike. Native Americans, who had lived on the land defending their boundaries and way of life for centuries, reacted to the wave of outsiders in various ways. The agrarian Pueblo peoples along the Rio Grande largely kept to themselves. Apache, Navajo and Ute tribes sometimes attempted to co-exist with the newcomers but most often they fought against encroachment. Anglo and Mexican outlaws ran roughshod across the frontier and there was no shortage of bears, wolves, mountain lions, blizzards and bad water to unsettle the newcomers. This collection of frontier stories vividly illustrates the range of struggles, triumphs and catastrophes faced by settlers who hoped to tame the land and inhabitants of Territorial New Mexico. Between 1936 and 1940, field workers in the Federal Writers' Project (a branch of the government-funded Works Progress Administration, or WPA, later called Work Projects Administration) recorded authentic accounts of life in the early days of New M...

    • Brand: Sunstone Press
    • ASIN: 0865347336
    • Part No: 10050695
  8. Ford at Fox: The Collection [Import USA Zone 1]

    • ASIN: B000WMA6HI
    • UPC: 024543482864
    • Part No: 024543482864
  9. US 1028 (1953) 3c {Fox Valley Stamp and Coin Club} Cover

    • Category: Other US Event Stamp Covers
    • Price: 4 USD

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