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  1. White Hot Silence: an unputdownable race against time thriller (Paul Samson) (English Edition)

    The stunning new thriller from 'the proud carrier of the flag first unfurled by John le Carre' (LEE CHILD)'An espionage master' CHARLES CUMMING'Timely and terrific' MICK HERRONOn a deserted road in Calabria, Greek aid worker Anastasia Cristakos is driving alone to visit one of the new refugee centres funded by billionaire Denis Hisami whom she has recently married. She slows down to greet two African migrants she recognises. Too late she realises they are not her friends. This is an ambush. She manages a desperate phone call to Hisami before her Mafia kidnappers silence her with a powerful drug. Hours later she wakes up in the pitch dark on a container ship, powering eastwards across the Mediterranean.Anastasia has been abducted and held hostage because Hisami has explosive information that his enemies have killed for and will kill for again. But Hisami can do nothing to save his wife. His time as a commander with the Kurdish Peshmerga has caught up with him. The US authorities have seized his passport and jailed him for possible terrorist activities in the past. For all his wealth, he is powerless.Only one man can help him. Paul Samson, former MI6 agent and a genius at tracking missing persons. He's the obvious choice. There's only one snag. Samson was, and probably stil...

    • ASIN: B07FM9SRW3
  2. Summer Of Romance: Collection of Steamy Short Reads (English Edition)

    Indulge in this collection of steamy reads and let your imagination to transport you into endless summer of lust, desire, and pleasure!Free With Kindle Unlimited.This collection contains following novellas:Never ForgottenUnderneath His MaskCastawaysFull HelpingTaming The BillionaireA Very Sexy VoyageIn HidingBreaking Her RulesDangerous ProposalBillionaire’s NannyBaking For A BillionaireBillionaire MisbehavingCraving Them BothPump It!IndomitableThis collection contains hot romance, menage a deux and trois stories. Intended for adult readers only.

    • ASIN: B07V5WZHDR
  3. Preparatory School: Part 2- Justin Wears a Tail (English Edition)

    After his intense orientation with Mr. Dailey, 19 year old Justin is brought to the dorm rooms. He is shocked when he learns that all the boys sleep in small, fenced-in cages that only have a cot and a toilet in them. A couple hours later, Justin is taken out of the cage and brought to meet the headmaster of the school.The mature muscular headmaster, Mr. Kacey, then shows Justin the special, fuzzy uniform that he’ll be forced to wear for their one-on-one 'tutoring sessions'...

    • ASIN: B07V81ZWGF
  4. White Hot Summer Halter Top Crochet Pattern (English Edition)

    Front and back post stitches give the midriff of this hot halter top texture and style. Sturdy straps at back and neck help keep the halter in place. The written pattern instructions include a schematic so you can adjust as needed for a custom fit. The pattern as given will fit bust sizes about 32-36 A-C cup.US crochet terminology.LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: IntermediateMATERIALS: •DMC Senso 100% Cotton: 450 yds Color #1002 •Size E/4 (3.5mm) crochet hook FINISHED SIZE: One size fits bust sizes from about 33-36 A-C cups. See schematic at end of pattern for finished size of halter to determine if you need to make adjustments for better fit.GAUGE: 8 sc = 2”, 9 rows sc = 2”STITCHES USED: Chain stitch (ch), Slip stitch (sl st), Single crochet (sc), Half double crochet (hdc), Double crochet (dc), Treble crochet (tc), Back post double crochet (bpdc), Front post double crochet (fpdc).

    • ASIN: B00D5YWPEC
  5. DEMIS ROUSSOS - WITH YOU - 7 inch vinyl/45

    DEMIS ROUSSOS - WITH YOU - UK - PHILIPS - 1974 B/W HOT SUMMER NIGHT - nice clean near mint condition - looks unplayed - plain white cover - 7 inch vinyl / 45

    • ASIN: B00JJQN1N4
  6. NYMPH - Vol. 35: Deep Summer (Nymph Collecction) (English Edition)

    Summer is the time of infinite fun. The day seems to last forever, and the fun never stops. That's also the favorite season of the nymphs, when they can be seen everywhere showing their beauties. To celebrate this wonderful season, Nymph Magazine brought to you twenty-one astonishing nymphs that will make your day even brighter. This "Deep Summer" edition is simply unmissable.

    • ASIN: B07V6P71QW
  7. Victorian London: The Life of a City 1840-1870 (Life of London Book 4) (English Edition)

    From rag-gatherers to royalty, from fish knives to Freemasons: everyday life in Victorian London.Like its acclaimed companion volumes, Elizabeth's London, Restoration London and Dr Johnson's London, this book is the product of the author's passionate interest in the realities of everyday life so often left out of history books. This period of mid Victorian London covers a huge span: Victoria's wedding and the place of the royals in popular esteem; how the very poor lived, the underworld, prostitution, crime, prisons and transportation; the public utilities - Bazalgette on sewers and road design, Chadwick on pollution and sanitation; private charities - Peabody, Burdett Coutts - and workhouses; new terraced housing and transport, trains, omnibuses and the Underground; furniture and decor; families and the position of women; the prosperous middle classes and their new shops, such as Peter Jones and Harrods; entertaining and servants, food and drink; unlimited liability and bankruptcy; the rich, the marriage market, taxes and anti-semitism; the Empire, recruitment and press-gangs. The period begins with the closing of the Fleet and Marshalsea prisons and ends with the first (steam-operated) Underground trains and the first Gilbert & Sullivan.

    • ASIN: B00CI79IGU

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